A criminal defense attorney is a specialist in defending anyone accused of criminal conduct. When criminal defense attorneys are employed in criminal courts, they are called public defenders.

Typically, a criminal defense attorney deals with cases in which an individual has been arrested. It must be remembered that an arrest does not necessarily lead to conviction. If there are sufficient grounds to suspect criminal conduct, it could lead to arrest. However, in the US and many countries of the world, a person is considered innocent until a crime is proved. The criminal defense attorney’s job is to ensure that their client is proved innocent and acquitted of the charges leveled against them. This is the reason why a person charged with a crime must hire experienced Eric Johnson Shreveport criminal attorney.

Public defenders typically do not have the time to concentrate on any one case and therefore cannot put up a strong case in defense of the person. Typically, public defenders may handle up to 300 cases or more at a single time. So, even when the public defender is very passionate about their job, they may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of cases they have to handle. This is why they are generally for people who cannot afford a criminal defense lawyer.

How to choose a criminal attorney:

The first step is to choose a criminal defense attorney who practices in the same geographical area and area of expertise as needed by the defendant. In the US, criminal laws vary from state to state. Therefore, it is safer to hire someone practicing in the same area. Criminal defense attorneys handle several kinds of cases and some even concentrate on certain types of crimes. If you cannot find a lawyer who specializes in the field of requirement, the next best thing is to hire someone who is willing to put in sufficient work so as to understand the case and defend accordingly.

The best way to find a good criminal defense attorney is to ask friends, colleagues or neighbors for references. This is not the time to hire a cousin or a friend. It is important to do your research and hire someone who has the qualifications, the experience, expertise and reputation of winning cases for clients. You do not want a criminal record chasing you for the rest of your life.

Find a criminal defense attorney who is actively involved in the area of his expertise. A membership in a Bar association is a good indication.

Before you hire the defense attorney, meet him or her in person. They may have the best references but you really don’t want to work with someone you cannot relate to. You need to be able to trust them and respect them.

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