Yet another construction worker is killed following the second southwest Michigan trench collapse in a week. Stanley Wilson of Burlington died in the work site accident – despite frantic and heroic efforts to save him. This time the location was the Kalamazoo area.

The previous work site trench collapse occurred in the Benton Harbor area.

If the grieving survivors are thinking about compensation at all at this point, it is doubtful that they are considering that the available, meager workers compensation benefits may not be their only consolation.

That is because the average person is typically unaware that the individual or company which caused the work injury may be required to pay family members hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars – provided that the negligent parties are independent or subcontractors, and not employees or partners of the injury victim’s employer. Further details may available to a ny nursing home abuse attorney.

Pitfalls that confront the injured worker’s family include time frames. Act with haste and claims may be overlooked. Sign a release before all responsible parties and sources of insurance have been identified, and valuable claims may be permanently waived. Fail to act before the expiration of legal deadlines and the claims are barred forever.

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