The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association has specific rules and regulations pertaining to the loading and transporting of cargo in commercial trucks. These rules exist for the safety of everyone on and off the road. Improperly loaded and improperly secured cargo can easily spill, causing disastrous injuries and property damage. If you were injured because of an improperly loaded or overloaded truck, you have the right to seek compensation in a car accident lawsuit. Dallas semi truck accident attorney represents individuals who were injured by improperly loaded trucks as well as the families of deceased victims.


There are numerous requirements pertaining to cargo:

  • Cargo must be properly contained
  • Cargo must be properly immobilized
  • Cargo must be properly secured

This means that the driver and/or the loader must abide by specific standards for every type of material transported. Transported material commonly includes:

  • All kinds of manufactured goods
  • Bottled goods
  • Lumber and logs
  • Heavy machinery
  • Automobiles and trucks
  • Flattened or crushed vehicles for recycling
  • Houses and trailers
  • Smaller parts of assembly plants

Properly secured cargo will have even weight distribution and will not shift around. Cargo must not block the driver’s view of the road or the driver’s ability to use mirrors properly.


Improperly loaded trucks can cause spillage on the road. As well, a truck that is improperly loaded with cargo can shift from one side to the other, eventually flipping on the road. Overloaded trucks cause great stress on the brakes and too much weight may prevent the truck from stopping when the brakes are applied.

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