When you are in an auto accident, it is easy to panic. You may not consider the consequences of making simple statements to the other driver or people in the area. However, it is important for you to know that the actions you take immediately after an accident can greatly affect how an insurance company treats your claims. Click here to know more.


  1. Be careful what you sayto any insurance adjuster. It is quite possible to say things that, though honest and well-intentioned, can harm your legal case. Even a simple “I’m sorry” to the other driver can be taken as an admission of fault, jeopardizing your claim.
  2. Collect information from other drivers and witnesses:Exchanging insurance information with the other driver and getting the names, phone numbers and addresses of witnesses is important. Witnesses’ memories fade, so having a record is very useful.
  3. Take pictures: Accident scenes are cleaned up quickly, often before you have time to get in touch with your attorney. If possible, you should take pictures of the cars, the scene and your injuries.
  4. Get medical treatment:Your health is the most important thing. You should seek the medical care that you need. Do not wait. Just make sure that you document the types of treatment you receive and keep a record of the bills.

5. Talk to our experienced lawyers: You should not deal with insurance companies on your own. By hiring West Covina workers comp attorneys, you will have someone there to analyze the police report, investigate the accident and hire the experts needed to build a case for full compensation.

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